Concrete Flower Pot Rack Ø13cm Classic Gold


Concrete Flower Pot Rack Ø13cm Classic Gold



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Rack 13 cm

We present Rack 13 cm - a unique concrete pot with an unprecedented shape. This project breaks all stereotypes. Heavy, massive architectural concrete gains visual lightness thanks to its spatial, geometric form. It is an unusual decoration suitable for any interior. The unique feel of the pot is emphasized by Classic Gold finish, and you will find many other interesting colour choices in our pattern book.

Rack 13 cm works perfectly as a casing or a flowerpot. Its interesting shape will emphasize the beauty of different plant species - both exotic and local. However, you can use it in any way that exhibits its unique look - both indoors and on a terrace or a balcony, because architectural concrete is highly resistant to varying weather conditions. It's an ornament that will allow you to create your dream interior easily - imaginative and very stylish.

This pot:

is the original design of Polish company Concrette - made by hand and finished with utmost care,

is extremely versatile - it can be used indoors and outdoors, it will look beautiful both in your house and company office,

is the perfect choice for lovers of stylish, original interiors - thanks to the extraordinary design and precise workmanship,

fits many arrangement styles - it works well both in a harsh minimalist and industrial interior as well as in a warm, cosy room decorated in a Scandinavian or glamour fashion.

The interior does not have to be boring. Use a Rack 13 cm pot and it will definitely catch visitors’ attention and inspire!

Specyfikacja techniczna

Weight 6,2kg
Colour Classic Gold
Purpose Inside
Packing Individually
Material Architectural concrete
Diameter 13 cm
Length 22 cm
Width 22 cm
Height 23 cm
Frost Resistant Yes
Resistant to UV Rays Yes
Handmade Yes
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