Concrete Flower Pot Skull Low-Poly Ø5cm Black Matt


Concrete Flower Pot Skull Low-Poly Ø5cm Black Matt



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Skull Low-Poly 5 cm

Welcome to the world of grotesque! If you do not lack a sense of humour, the Skull Low-Poly 5 cm pot is an excellent choice for your interior. This is a geometric interpretation of the solid form of a human skull. Simplifying its shape gave an extremely interesting effect that will perfectly match almost any arrangement. This is a brave and unusual project, and therefore it is extremely intriguing!

The Skull Low-Poly 5 cm model is primarily targeted at lovers of succulents and cacti. Its small dimensions allow it to form the perfect combination with a small, young plant. In addition, the scary-funny character of the pot enriches the character of plants which enjoy hot, desert climate. However, you do not need plants at all to experience the undoubtedly enticing charm of this design. Our skull is also great as a stand-alone decoration. You can choose from a dozen or so finishes (including Black Matt), so you can easily adapt it to your taste and interior design.

This product:

• is a representative of refined Polish design - it was created entirely in the Concrette studio, it is hand-cast and painted,

• has versatile use - not only as a flowerpot or a casing, but also as an independent decoration,

• introduces a unique atmosphere to the interior - it suits any style of finish, and adds spiciness and unpretentiousness to interior arrangements,

• is distinguished by its durability and resistance - it is made of the highest quality architectural concrete, it will serve you for many years, regardless of the way you use it.

If the unusual design is your cup of tea, Skull Low-Poly 5 cm will not disappoint you!

Specyfikacja techniczna

Weight 0,510kg
Colour Black Matt
Purpose Inside
Packing Individually
Material Architectural concrete
Diameter 5 cm
Length 11,5 cm
Width 7,5 cm
Height 8,5 cm
Frost Resistant Yes
Resistant to UV Rays Yes
Handmade Yes
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