Concrete Flower Pot Skull Low-Poly Ø7,6cm Steel


Concrete Flower Pot Skull Low-Poly Ø7,6cm Steel



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Skull Low-Poly 7.6 cm

Skull Low-Poly 7.6 cm is a concrete pot that will delight you or ... frighten you. We used a very popular, timeless skull motif and gave it a slightly more geometric form, and the result was a unique decoration with a modern style.

It is hard to simply ignore this model. It is a choice for those who are not afraid of controversy and do not treat interior design with excessive seriousness. The Skull Low-Poly 7.6 cm Steel form is humorous, but we have taken a careful, professional approach to its execution. That is why, despite its unusual character, the decoration looks very sophisticated. The pot is a perfect companion for smaller plants, e.g. still popular succulents, with extremely decorative shapes and colours. However, you can also use it in many other ways. It all depends entirely on you!

This flowerpot:

• was created from the highest quality architectural concrete - it is one of the most fashionable materials used in interior design, which also guarantees exceptional solidity and durability,

• makes huge impression with its original design – designed and developed in its entirety by the Concrette team,

• is extremely versatile - it can be used in many ways, and also goes well with virtually any style of interior finish,

• adapts to you - our offer includes a selection of several ways of finishes, from matte black through intense pink to shiny gold.

Break your stylistic shackles and focus on unconventional design!

Specyfikacja techniczna

Weight 1,446kg
Colour Steel
Purpose Inside
Packing Individually
Material Architectural concrete
Diameter 7,6cm
Length 16,5 cm
Width 11,5 cm
Height 4.33 in
Frost Resistant Yes
Resistant to UV Rays Yes
Handmade Yes
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