Concrete Flower Pot Skull Low-Poly Ø24cm Rose Gold


Concrete Flower Pot Skull Low-Poly Ø24cm Rose Gold



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Skull Low-Poly 24 cm

Large plants always attract our attention and are a source of pride for the caretakers. Now your beloved specimens can be even more delightful. Skull Low-Poly 24 cm pot was created to emphasize their beauty and diversify modern interior arrangements.

This is definitely a project only for those who do not care about conventions. A skull cast from architectural concrete could be deemed quite gruesome, but contrary to assumptions, it looks rather humorous. We simplified its shape, turning it into a geometric block – as a result, it looks very modern. The combination of such a shape with extremely fashionable architectural concrete creates a designer piece that perfectly complements the decor of various architectural styles - from industrial, eclectic or minimalistic to glamour. Rose Gold is a finish that perfectly emphasizes the design’s modern line, but you can also choose from many other colouring variants.

This pot:

• has a designer, modern character - its innovative shape was designed by the Concrette team, and then hand-cast and painted,

• is stable and practical - the massive form made of architectural concrete provides your plants with the desired level of stability and protection, also outside,

• made of the best materials - high-quality architectural concrete is extremely durable and resistant to damage, it also looks very stylish,

• will adapt to your needs and preferences - choose any colour of finish and place it at home, office, restaurant or any other place you want to decorate with style.

Forget about boredom and conventions - Skull Low-Poly 24 cm is a distinctive decoration that will change your approach to interior design!

Specyfikacja techniczna

Weight 24,365kg
Colour Rose Gold
Purpose Terrace / Garden
Packing Individually
Material Architectural concrete
Diameter 24 cm
Length 48,6 cm
Width 34,1 cm
Height 32,3 cm
Frost Resistant Yes
Resistant to UV Rays Yes
Handmade Yes
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